What to Look for in a Realtor

August 2, 2018
Author: New England Home Mortgage

Have you made the decision to begin looking for a new home or selling your current home, but need some direction on how to find the best local realtor?  First and foremost, do not pick the very first realtor that you see online or on a yard sign.

Ask around.  Get referrals from people you trust that have had positive experiences with buying or selling a home in the local area.  Asking local lenders for referrals may also be helpful. Find out what types of marketing the realtors provide when selling homes to determine their level of creativity with regard to drawing in potential buyers.  Find out how many homes they have sold in the area that are similar to the type of home you are selling or looking to buy. 

Here are some great tips when selecting a local realtor for a new home search. 

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